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October 7, 2021 Booster Bulletin

The Booster Bulletin: Your Weekly Dose of Immunization News

We’re committed to sharing news and information from local and national media about COVID-19, available vaccines, and immunization-related topics. Each week we’ll continue to review clips from across the U.S., from various news outlets and platforms, and bring you ten timely and relevant links.

“BioNTech CEO Says New COVID Vaccines Will Be Needed in 2022: FT” Bloomberg (October 3, 2021) – “The head of BioNTech SE, the German company that developed the first Covid-19 vaccine, said a new formula is likely to be needed by mid-2022 to protect against future mutations of the virus. Ugur Sahin, co-founder and chief executive officer of BioNtech, told the Financial Times that while current variants of Covid-19, such as the contagious delta strain, were not different enough to undermine current vaccinations, new strains will emerge that can evade booster shots and the body’s immune defenses.”

“How a Small Government Agency Will Enforce the Vaccine Mandate for 80 Million Workers” NPR (October 3, 2021) – “Given how small and chronically understaffed OSHA is, the idea of snitching on someone in your office is actually not that far from reality. Employee complaints are an important part of enforcement given how few inspectors the government has, says Rich Fairfax, a safety consultant with the National Safety Council who spent 36 years at OSHA, including as head of enforcement.”

“To Prevent the Next Pandemic, Scientists Seek One Vaccine for Many Coronaviruses” Wall Street Journal (October 4, 2021) – “Kayvon Modjarrad is out to win the war against this pandemic—and the next one. An emerging-infectious-diseases researcher with the U.S. Army, Dr. Modjarrad is pursuing a vaccine to protect against a range of coronaviruses that cause disease in humans—including Covid-19 variants that might elude today’s vaccines. The goal is to prevent the next new one from spreading around the globe. Such a shot might even stop coronaviruses that cause some common colds.”

“J&J files for authorization of Covid-19 vaccine booster” CNBC (October 5, 2021) – “Johnson & Johnson said on Tuesday it had submitted data to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for emergency use authorization of a booster shot of its Covid-19 vaccine in people aged 18 years and older.”

“WHO endorses use of first malaria vaccine” The Washington Post (October 7, 2021) - “The World Health Organization on Wednesday endorsed the world’s first malaria vaccine for use in children. It said the vaccine could help save tens of thousands of lives each year.  The life-threatening parasitic disease kills more than 400,000 people a year, and the WHO says more than 260,000 of them are African children under age 5. Most cases and deaths caused by the disease, which is transmitted through bites of infected mosquitoes, occur in sub-Saharan Africa.”

“Pfizer officially asks the FDA to authorize its COVID vaccine for kids aged 5-11” NPR (October 7, 2021) – “"With new cases in children in the U.S. continuing to be at a high level, this submission is an important step in our ongoing effort against #COVID19," the pharmaceutical giant said.”

“Covid-19 booster shots have outpaced the US rate of new vaccinations. And the millions still unvaccinated could trigger 'future waves,' expert warns” CNN (October 7, 2021) – “The US is making headway in its battle against Covid-19 - with infection and hospitalization rates on the decline after a surge fueled by the highly transmissible Delta variant. But with the number of Americans getting booster shots surpassing those who are initiating vaccination, experts warn more is needed to continue the progress.”

“People who want organ transplants must get the COVID-19 vaccine, a hospital says” NRP (October 7, 2021) – “A large hospital system in Colorado says people on its organ transplant wait list won't be offered an organ if they refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine, citing the "significant risk the virus poses to transplant recipients."”

“Ahead of an unpredictable flu season, public health experts urge nation to sign up for flu shot” ABC News (October 7, 2021) – “The flu season is notorious for being difficult to predict. However, flu trends from last year and from other parts of the globe can help us make informed estimates.  So far, experts are on the fence if this year's flu season may be mild like last year's, or if it may take a turn for the worse. But experts do agree on one thing; we can do our part by getting vaccinated.

“What to expect as US weighs COVID shots for younger kids” AP News (October 8, 2021) – “The Food and Drug Administration is considering whether to allow COVID-19 vaccinations in children ages 5 to 11 — using kid-sized doses.  Until now, only people 12 and older could be vaccinated in the U.S., with shots made by Pfizer and its partner BioNTech. That’s been a huge frustration for many pediatricians and parents, especially as the extra-contagious delta variant has raged through poorly vaccinated communities — and the schools in them.

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