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Vaccine Provider Grants Available

Grants available for COVID-19 vaccine providers

Vaccine providers do the important work of keeping our communities safe and healthy, and the ongoing COVID-19 response can be costly. To help offset COVID-19-related expenses, Immunize Nevada is offering COVID-19 vaccine providers grants on a rolling basis.

What grants are available to COVID-19 vaccine providers?

The Mini Grant can be used to reimburse a variety of expenses related to COVID-19 vaccination, including:

  • Extended clinic times
  • Pop-up clinic sites
  • Vaccine storage units
  • Overtime costs
  • Data entry costs

The Provider Pay Grant can cover COVID-19 personnel costs related to COVID-19 vaccination, including:

  • Overtime costs to administer vaccines
  • Personnel cost for extended clinic times
  • Payroll for vaccinators

The Equipment Grant can cover the costs of vaccine-related equipment including:

  • Vaccine storage units
  • Syringes
  • PPE

How long are grants available?

Immunize Nevada will provide grants until funds are exhausted. If providers want to take advantage of this program, they should apply as soon as possible.

If you’re a COVID-19 vaccine provider, and need help covering COVID-19 vaccination expenses, apply here:

If you have questions about the program or your application, please email us.