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Southern Nevada Faces the Return of the "Tripledemic" as COVID-19, RSV, and Flu Resurge

[Southern Nevada, September 12, 2023] – Health experts are sounding the alarm as the "tripledemic" makes a concerning return to Southern Nevada. This unwelcome resurgence, comprised of COVID-19, RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus), and the flu, is causing growing concerns within the region's healthcare system.

Newly released data highlights a disturbing trend in the region. COVID-19 hospitalizations have been on the rise throughout this month, with more than 100 individuals exhibiting symptoms requiring hospitalization. This increase serves as a stark reminder that the pandemic is far from over and the importance of maintaining vigilant public health measures.

Dr. Sherilyn Duckworth, PhD, MPH, Executive Director of Immunize Nevada stated, “In response to the evolving situation, the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) is actively working to combat the resurgence of COVID-19 by planning to make the new vaccine available relatively soon, within weeks. This proactive approach aims to ensure that residents have access to the latest tools in the fight against the virus, underscoring SNHD's commitment to public health.”

As the flu season approaches, how do we prevent COVID-19, The Flu, and RSV? Luckily there are immunizations for all three viruses, and the best way to decrease the odds of experiencing the “tripledemic” is to consider getting vaccinated against flu and COVID. And if you’re 60-years and older, you can consider getting vaccinated against RSV, decreasing your odds of becoming infected. 

Residents in Southern Nevada already have convenient access to flu shots. Various pharmacies across the valley are now offering flu vaccinations, emphasizing the importance of getting vaccinated against the flu, especially during this challenging "tripledemic."

The Southern Nevada Health District urges all residents to stay informed, practice good hygiene, maintain social distancing, and, most importantly, get vaccinated against COVID-19 and the flu. By doing so, the community can work together to reduce the impact of the “tripledemic” and safeguard the health and well-being of everyone in Southern Nevada.

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