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Immunization Records School

Find student immunization records with a click.

Nevada WebIZ is a system that stores electronic immunization records and helps ensure that Nevadans get the right immunizations at the right time. The immunization information is available to authorized users, such as healthcare providers, public health agencies, child care providers, and schools who work together to prevent vaccine-preventable diseases. Visit Nevada WebIZ to learn more.

Nevada’s School and Child Care Immunization Law requires all students enrolling in school to show evidence that they have received certain immunizations or have a legal exemption. Nevada WebIZ can help schools check that their students are in compliance with the immunization law. Schools can use Nevada WebIZ to:

  • Get an official copy of a student’s immunization history for checking compliance and maintaining records.
  • View all of the immunizations a student has received even if the shots were given at different clinics in Nevada.
  • Look up immunization history and show which vaccines a student needs.
  • Look up the immunization history and keep a list of students’ immunization records to review or print. These printouts allow users to see immunization data for a list of children at a glance.
  • Identify students who are missing immunizations, which is helpful in case of a disease outbreak.