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Vaccine Preventable Diseases

Scientists have developed vaccines to protect us from 17 diseases.

It’s difficult for many of us to imagine the devastating diseases vaccines now protect us from contracting. Although we rarely see a disease like polio in the United States, recent outbreaks of pertussis, measles, and mumps remind us of the importance of immunizing children, teens, and adults. On the pages linked to the right, you’ll find information about each vaccine-preventable disease, as well as the vaccine that protects you.

COVID-19 vaccine status

In the United States, there is currently no authorized or approved vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Operation Warp Speed has been working since the pandemic started to make a COVID-19 vaccine(s) available as soon as possible. With the possibility of one or more COVID-19 vaccines becoming available before the end of the year, visit the CDC to learn more about the vaccines in production.