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Covid-19 Vaccine

Vaccine FAQs

We tackle the most common COVID-19 vaccine questions

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COVID-19 Healthcare Providers

Partner Resources

Access downloadable resources to communicate with your community about COVID-19 vaccination.

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COVID-19 Business

COVID-19 Business

Resources to help you maintain healthy business operations and information about Nevada’s vaccine distribution phases.

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Video Resources

What are you most looking forward to post-pandemic?

Bernice Mathews and daughter Aileen Martin share what they're looking forward to

Were these vaccines made too fast?

Dr. Luis Medina-Garcia, MD, Infectious Disease Specialist, University Medical Center

Cómo obtener la vacuna COVID-19

Julián Escutia Rodríguez, Cónsul de México en Las Vegas

We trust science to protect us

Bernice Mathews and her daughter Aileen Martin talk about the value and promise of vaccination

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