NILE Webinars

Each month Immunize Nevada organizes webinars, which focus on multiple immunization-related topics and trends. Dozens of providers from throughout the country sit-in on the webinars during lunchtime programs to earn continuing education credits at no-cost.

Date: Wednesday, October 25
Time: 12:30 p.m. (PST)

Program & Objectives:
This presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of notifiable diseases in the state of Nevada and Washoe County; what notifiable diseases are and who should report these diseases. The presentation will also cover how notifiable diseases are defined and what diseases are most frequently reported nationally and locally. The presentation will discuss the role of public health and nurses in preventing and controlling notifiable diseases.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To understand how notifiable diseases are defined and are regulated.
  2. To know what notifiable diseases are, how they should be reported, and who is responsible for reporting.
  3. To be aware the role of public health in preventing and controlling notifiable diseases.
  4. To be aware the role of nurses in preventing and controlling notifiable diseases.

Featured Presenter:
Lei Chen, MD
Dr. Lei Chen earned her MD with a specialization in public health from Nanjing Medical University in China. After that, she was a hospital epidemiologist for two years and then research toxicologist in China until 1997 when she came to the United States. In 2001, she earned her Ph.D. from University of Nevada Reno in Environmental Sciences & Health with a specialization of environmental epidemiology and statistics. In March 2002, she joined the Washoe County Health District as a senior epidemiologist and became the Epidemiology Program Manager in 2016. Her interests include infectious disease epidemiology, outbreak responses, and traditional and advanced public health surveillance development and evaluation.




"Understanding and Talking with Vaccine-hesitant Patients"
Date: Thursday, November 16
Time: 9:00 a.m. PT

Program & Objectives:
The webinar will focus on providers being able to understand and address patients' concerns regarding vaccines and patient hesitation. During this webinar, Dr. Zimet will provide communication techniques in order to motivate patients to get needed vaccines.

Participants in this webinar will:
1. Learn successful approaches to address patient concerns regarding vaccinations
2. Understand variations in patients’ attitudes towards vaccinations
3. Be prepared to improve communication with patients

Featured Presenter:
Gregory D. Zimet, PhD


NILE Webinar Recordings and Slides

2017  Webinars

September 28, 2017: The FluFIT Program: A Pathway to Higher CRC Screening Rates in Primary Care and Integrated Health Systems
[Watch the Webinar Here] [Download the presentation slides]

August 9, 2017: Cross-Jurisdictional Response During a Pertussis Outbreak: Communication, Community Partner Collaborations, & Investigation/Mitigation Strategies
[Watch the Webinar Here] [Download the presentation slides]

May 17, 2017: 2017 Student Vaccine Requirements in Nevada and the New HPV Vaccine Schedule
[Watch the Webinar Here] [Download slide presentation] [Polling Questions]

April 19, 2017: Closing the HPV Vaccination Gap - HPV for Oral Health Care Providers
[Download slide presentation]

March 29, 2017: Implementing an Effective Quality Improvement Project to Increase HPV Immunization Rates
[Watch the Webinar Here] [Download slide presentation]

February 24, 2017: Antimicrobial Stewardship Takes Aim at the Superbug Dilemma
[Handout One] [Handout Two ] [Handout Three] [Handout Four] [Handout Five] [Houndout Six] [Houndout Seven]

January 20, 2017: An Influenza Update 2016-2017
[Download slide presentation


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