NILE Webinars

Each month Immunize Nevada organizes webinars, which focus on multiple immunization topics and trends. Dozens of providers from throughout the country sit-in on the webinars during lunchtime programs to earn continuing education credits at no cost.

Upcoming Webinars:

Prevention of Anal Cancer Among HIV-positive & HIV-negative Men & Women
Tuesday, June 7, 2016 - 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.

The incidence of anal cancer is increasing every year in the general population and is more common among women than men.  The incidence of anal cancer is highest in certain at-risk groups including men who have sex with men, HIV-seropositive men and women and those with other causes of immunosuppression,and women with a history of cervical or vulvar cancer.  Like other human papillomavirus (HPV-associated cancers including cervical cancer, anal cancer may be preventable.  This presentation will describe what is currently known about the prevalence and risk factors for anal HPV infection in at-risk populations; the natural history of HPV infection from time of initial exposure to development of anal high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions,the anal cancer precursor, and finally, progression to anal cancer.  We will then conclude by discussing primary and secondary approaches to prevention of anal cancer in at-risk populations. 


Past Webinar Recordings and Slides

2016  Webinars

May 17: Preventing Disease: The Science Behind Outbreak Predictions & Nevada School Immunization Regulations
[Watch the webinar here] [Download the slide presentation 1 and slide presentaion 2]

April 28: HPV-Associated Cancers and the Risk Factors
[Watch the webinar here] [Download the slide presentation]

April 20: Increasing Pediatric Immunization Rates in Underserved Populations: The Nevada WIC Immunization Linkage Project
[Watch the webinar here] [Download the slide presentation]

March 22: Travel Health: Diseases, Vaccines & Prophylaxis 
[Watch the webinar here] [Download the slide presentation]

February 26: The ABCs of Meningococcal Disease 
[Watch the webinar here] [Download the slide presentation]

2015 Webinars

November 19: Social Media as an Advocacy Tool
[Watch the webinar here] [Download the slide presentation]

August 26: “Born with Protection:  Data, Tips, and Tools to Improve Maternal Vaccination of Tdap & Flu”
[Watch the webinar here]

July: Nevada School & Childcare Immunization Requirements, Exemptions & Exclusions
[Watch the webinar here.]

May 13: The Tween Bundle
[Watch the webinar here]

2014 Webinars

May 21: HPV Immunization is a Job for Pediatric Providers
[Download the presentation slides here / Download webinar recording here]

April 29: Choose Your Own Vaccines: Responding to Requests for 'Alternative' Vaccine Schedules
[Download the presentation slides here / Download webinar recording here]

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