NILE Webinars

Each month Immunize Nevada organizes webinars, which focus on multiple immunization-related topics and trends. Dozens of providers from throughout the country sit-in on the webinars during lunchtime programs to earn continuing education credits at no-cost.

Date: Thursday, September 28
Time: 12:30 p.m. (PST)

Program & Objectives:
Provider staff and pharmacists are playing a larger role in providing flu shots in today’s healthcare industry, which provides for an opportunity to engage patients on additional healthcare education components while at the time of their visit. During the September NILE program, Dr. Potter explains the importance of the FluFIT program and capturing the attention of patients who are proactively getting vaccinated against the flu, to then screen for colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among men and women combined, yet screening rates remain low in Nevada at just 60%. Providers who are vaccinating against the flu are the primary audience for combining flu shot and FIT testing for a FluFIT program, which reaches patients the primary care provider may not have the opportunity to counsel on screening, thus increasing colorectal cancer screening rates.

  1. Why use FIT
  2. Characteristics of a High Quality FIT Program
  3. Flu-FIT Program Components
  4. Implementation Examples and Resources

Featured Presenter:
Dr. Michael Potter, MD

Dr. Potter is a professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. A graduate of Harvard Medical School and the family medicine residency program at San Francisco General Hospital, Dr. Potter has divided his time between patient care, teaching, research, and advocacy for the last 20 years. He directs the San Francisco Bay Area Collaborative Research Network, which is UCSF's primary healthcare practice-based research network. In this role, Dr. Potter facilitates translational research partnerships between UCSF researchers and community health providers. Dr. Potter is also the developer of the FluFIT Program.




CDC Webinars

  1. Best Practice Tools for Holding Safe Vaccination Clinics in Temporary Settings

  2. Burden of Vaccine-preventable Diseases in Adults: Medical, Social, and Economic Costs

  3. Provider Reimbursement for Adult Immunizations

  4. Immunizing Adults: Immunization Schedule, Coverage, and Challenges

  5. Immunizing Older Adults and the Chronically Ill

  6. Immunizing Pregnant Women, Health Care Personnel, and in the Workplace

  7. Clinic Logistics: Vaccine Administration, Storage, and Handling

National Foundation for Infectious Diseases

  1. Principles of Vaccine Storage and Handling

  2. HPV Vaccinations:  From Recommendations to Practice

  3. Occupational Health:  Vaccination in the Workplace

  4. Updates from February 2017 ACIP Meeting

  5. Interview with Stanley Plotkin, MD:  Greatest Vaccinology Discoveries & Future Predictions

  6. Vaccines to Mitigate Risk During Travel

  7. Reducing the Burden of Pneumococcal Infection through Vaccination

  8. Vaccines for Preteens and Teens:  The Importance of Timely Vaccination for All Adolescents

  9. College Students and Meningococcal Disease:  Are Students Protected?

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia - Presented by Paul Offit, M.D.

  1. Current Issues in Vaccines-Spring 2017 (Topics: Was Katie Couric right?  Does the HPV vaccine cause chronic disease?)

  2. Current Issues in Vaccines-Winter 2016 (Topics: HPV 2-dose schedule, Men B schedule change, Tdap timing change in pregnancy, a new shingles vaccine, PCV13-evidence of herd immunity)

2017 Update: Best Practices Guidelines of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices” (this is a new publication - no webinar)


NILE Webinar Recordings and Slides

2017  Webinars

August 9, 2017: Cross-Jurisdictional Response During a Pertussis Outbreak: Communication, Community Partner Collaborations, & Investigation/Mitigation Strategies
[Watch the Webinar Here] [Download the presentation slides]

May 17, 2017: 2017 Student Vaccine Requirements in Nevada and the New HPV Vaccine Schedule
[Watch the Webinar Here] [Download slide presentation] [Polling Questions]

April 19, 2017: Closing the HPV Vaccination Gap - HPV for Oral Health Care Providers
[Download slide presentation]

March 29, 2017: Implementing an Effective Quality Improvement Project to Increase HPV Immunization Rates
[Watch the Webinar Here] [Download slide presentation]

February 24, 2017: Antimicrobial Stewardship Takes Aim at the Superbug Dilemma
[Handout One] [Handout Two ] [Handout Three] [Handout Four] [Handout Five] [Houndout Six] [Houndout Seven]

January 20, 2017: An Influenza Update 2016-2017
[Download slide presentation


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