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Vax Nevada Days Scams – What You Need to Know

While real Nevadans are winning real cash, tuition and recreational prizes every week during Vax Nevada Days, scams are an unfortunate reality with any big contest. As the Vax Nevada Days team has been made aware of scamming and phishing attempts, we want to make all Nevadans who are vaccinated and eligible for prizes aware of our official outreach process for winners.

Clues to identifying Vax Nevada Day scammers:

  1. Initial contact with Vax Nevada Days representatives does not include requests for banking or personal identification information.
  2. Vax Nevada Days representatives will never text a link to prize winners. Do not click links included in a text message that claims you have won.
  3. Winners are not drawn using “winning numbers.” Should you be contacted about your winning number being drawn, these individuals are not affiliated with Vax Nevada Days.
  4. The Vax Nevada Days incentive is not a "lottery" under Nevada state law. Anyone contacting you using phrases or words including “lottery” verbiage is not affiliated with Vax Nevada Days.
  5. Winners will not be asked to pay any fees to claim a prize, nor will they be asked to send money. If cash winners choose, they may get prize money routed to them via digital transfer (versus via check) which will require a bank routing number. Program representatives will never ask for a bank account number or credit card number.

If you are contacted in a way that contradicts the above, suspect foul play. Vax Nevada Days representatives are reaching out to winners using contact information tied to Nevada WebIZ records, which might include home and cell phone numbers. If you are not certain whether a voicemail or email regarding Vax Nevada Days is legitimate, please reach out to the team via email to verify.