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Public Health is Power!

It’s National Public Health Week! Every year, public health organizations and agencies unite to highlight the importance of public health in our communities and across the world. This week gives public health practitioners the opportunity to highlight key issues and call for action. In celebration of this movement and NPHW, our staff shared their thoughts about public health!

Lily Davalos, Outreach Manager
Public health matters to me because attaining health is the foundation for a long and happy life! It is rewarding that I get to work in a field that aspires to make health accessible to all, which in turn contributes to the success and well-being of my community.

America Davis, Project Coordinator
Public health matters to be because it can have a profound impact on someone’s life. Through education, we can empower individuals to make the best decision for their health. By increasing access to health, we can ensure the longevity of members of our community.

Carol Luna, Healthy Futures Project Manager
Public health matters to me because it’s our families, our friends, our neighbors, our communities that are affected. I hope to be a small part in making positive change, nudging behaviors and influencing beliefs.

Tara Nerida, Volunteer Coordinator
I advocate for public health because we all have the right to be healthy and to prevent injury, illness, and disease for ourselves and everyone around us. We all deserve health equity and that starts with public health!

Rachel Quattrin, Healthy Futures Coordinator
I advocate for public health because helping to keep my community safe from disease and illness is important to me. I work frequently with teens and young adults, so I enjoy when they get involved and advocate for the health of their own age group as well. I love being part of an immunization coalition that is passionate about education, advocacy, and outreach, and who is always doing something positive for the health of our community!

Breanne Van Dyne, Education Coordinator
I advocate for public health because I care about prevention! There is so much research to support the cost-saving benefits associated with promoting healthy behaviors; this is especially true when educating the public about the importance of immunization. In my role as a public health advocate, I can simultaneously protect the health of my community while also minimizing the financial impact of treating disease.