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Our Team Talks Jeans and Vaccines

In honor of #Jeans4Vaccines, we asked our team about their favorite jeans and their favorite vaccines. For some of us it was a walk down memory lane, and for others it’s about finding that perfect pair of jeans (or skirt). Even though all vaccines are our favorites because they save lives every day, we each have one with "favorite child" status. Follow our stories on the Immunize Nevada Instagram account and let us know, what’s your favorite vaccine and why?

Heidi Parker, Executive Director: My favorite jeans ever were a pair of pink and blue pinstriped Jordache jeans, circa 1984. I’m pretty sure I tried to wear them every day, along with my Jellies. Ahhh, middle school memories. My favorite vaccine is the Polio vaccine because since its invention, over 16 million people have been saved from the devastating effects of Poliomyelitis. I also think it’s awesome that Elvis got his polio shot on the Ed Sullivan Show. 

Emily Ruzzine, Community Relations Director: My favorite pair of jeans were a pair William Rast by the one and only Justin Timberlake. They were nothing special, except they fit like a glove and were the most comfortable pair I owned. I literally wore them out until holes that showed up in inappropriate places. My favorite vaccine is Tdap because I love I am able to provide protection for my babies (living or in utero). My family members are also able to step up and provide the same protection - We're all superheroes.

Lily Davalos, Outreach Manager:  My favorite jeans are a pair of high-waisted, dark wash, stretchy Levi jeans. They are sooooo comfortable and can be worn with everything! They are also my lucky jeans as I randomly find money in them from time to time. My favorite vaccine is the HPV vaccine, simply because it prevents cancer. HPV causes over 32,000 cases of cancer in men and women every year in the U.S. Fortunately, HPV vaccination can prevent over 90% of these cancers from developing. (source: CDC). 

Breanne Vandyne, Education Manager: My favorite jeans were a pair of bell bottoms I had in the 6th grade that were frayed and had a sweet embroidery pattern at the bottom. Ah, I ❤ the 90s! My favorite vaccine is HPV because it’s cancer prevention!

America Davis, Project Coordinator: My favorite pair of jeans was actually a jean skirt I got at Target. It was my first Target purchase and I wore it to our 7th-grade dance. My favorite vaccine is both of the Pneumococcal vaccines. I have asthma and have a higher risk of contracting pneumonia. I am so grateful there is a vaccine that can help protect me!

Tara Nerida, Project Coordinator: My current favorite jeans is a pair of Hollister jeans my mom got me for Christmas about 4 years ago. I have short legs, so finding the jeans with the perfect length is difficult. Hollister and my mother know how to get it right! My favorite vaccine is the Flu vaccine because until we are able to get a universal flu vaccine, the flu is a nasty "bug" that gets us every year. The flu evolves very quickly, and its effects are so unpredictable every year. Fight the Flu!

David Pérez, Project Coordinator: My favorite pair of jeans is a pair of distressed overalls. I loved wearing overalls as a kid, as I got older, I could never find them in an adult sizes. Now that they're back in style, I have them in every color, blue, black, pink, camo! I love giving everyone a 90's flashback moment! My favorite vaccines are MenACWY and MenB, they help protect against bacterial meningitis. All vaccine-preventable diseases can be deadly, but meningitis is deadly and FAST. It’s important we PREVENT meningococcal disease instead of try to treat it, which at many times, can be too late.

Bobbi Tedesco, UNLV student worker:  My favorite pair of jeans are a grey light-wash, soft style from Target. They have dark grey stripes down the sides of the legs and they are stretchy... so I can still feast while I'm wearing them! My favorite vaccine is the HPV vaccine because in my opinion, it is the ultimate preventative shot! It saves men and women from cancer and STIs, while giving young people the opportunity to take their health into their own hands.

Jordan Serrano, UNR student worker: My favorite pair of jeans are a distressed, light-blue wash from the men's section in Forever 21. They are perfect to wear during the spring and summer time and complement any neutral outfit. They are also tapered at the bottom and go well with any pair of white shoes! My favorite vaccine is the MMR vaccine, which protects against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. Before this vaccine was created, these diseases were very common in the United States. Thanks to the creation of this vaccine, it has helped ameliorate the detrimental effects of these illnesses and continue to protect those from deadly repercussions.

Rachel Quattrin, Healthy Futures Coordinator: My favorite pair of jeans are my Lucky Brand Jeans. They fit so well, which doesn’t happen often for me because I have shorter legs. So when I find a pair that are flattering and comfortable, I wear them all the time! My favorite vaccine is the flu vaccine, because I don’t think it gets the recognition it deserves and it really helps save lives every flu season! This season, I want to advocate for the flu vaccine more than I ever have before.

Leah Sussman, Healthy Futures Coordinator: My favorite jeans are a pair of jeggings from Uniqlo. They come in 8 million different colors and are so soft they feel like wearing pajamas! My favorite vaccines are the MenACWY and MenB vaccines! Meningitis is terrifying- it can start out looking like a mild cold but can cause death or paralysis in less than 48 hours (long enough that most young people would put off a doctor's visit). Preventing meningococcal disease is SO important for every adolescent and young adult!

Wear your favorite jeans on Friday, August 31 to help promote health and prevent disease. It’s the Friday before a 3-day weekend, so it’s the perfect time to show off your denim, get social by snapping a selfie, and tag us with #Jeans4Vaccines. If you are a business leader - register your company, share key messages, and support your employees in wearing denim.

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