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It Takes Two – Why You Need Both COVID-19 Vaccine Doses

Full COVID-19 protection requires two doses

If you received a Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, you need two doses to be fully protected. (Janssen is a one-dose vaccine).

• The vaccines’ effectiveness at preventing COVID-19 infection (95% effective) is based on getting two doses
• The first dose primes the immune system and tells it how to respond if it encounters the virus
• The second dose stimulates your cells to produce large quantities of antibodies
• You’re considered fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving your 2nd dose

Dr. Jeffrey Murawsky talks about the importance of the two-dose regime

Less than 25% of those vaccinated experience side effects

While the 2nd dose may cause a stronger reaction (side effects) than the first, these reactions are generally mild to moderate and last only a day or two. The most commonly reported side effects were soreness at the injection site, along with:
Headaches - in 22% percent of people
Fatigue - in 17% percent of people
Dizziness – in 17% percent of people

Return to your first-dose provider to get your second dose. You will get the same vaccine in your second dose. If you do not have an appointment scheduled, contact your first-dose provider. If you need help scheduling your second dose appointment, or your first dose, use the live chat feature on this site or call 1.800.401.0946.