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Nevada WebIZ Training

Nevada WebIZ Viewing and Navigation Basics Plus Data Entry – Online Self Certification

Pharmacists, physicians, nurses, medical assistants, and office staff responsible for documenting immunization information should take this class. Students will learn how to create patient records and document all immunization information in compliance with IIS law. If your organization is not registered with Nevada WebIZ, please contact the Help Desk via email to complete the necessary forms.

**Participants must have an NVeLearn account or visit to register for an NVeLearn account prior to taking this course.

Registration for NVeLearn is free and instructions are available on the site. If you experience technical difficulties registering for an account or using the site, please contact the NVeLearn Help Desk directly.

To locate the Nevada WebIZ training on NVeLearn, click on Other Nevada Public Service Entities and Public which is located under Course Categories. Next, click on Health and Human Services to find the “Nevada WebIZ Viewing and Navigation Basics Plus Data Entry” course. Please self-enroll and complete the course.

This course takes about 2 hours to complete. Upon successfully completing this course you will be able to:

  • Navigate the State’s IIS, Nevada WebIZ
  • Search for patients’ immunization records
  • Understand and interpret all information contained in a patient’s immunization record
  • Create, update, and print a patient’s immunization record
  • Avoid the creation of duplicate records
  • Document all immunization information in compliance with Nevada law

How will a user get an account? A user account will only be created when all three of the following criteria are met:

  • The potential user must be associated with an organization that is authorized to use Nevada WebIZ.
  • The potential user must complete the online course and submit the completed User Confidentiality Agreement (UCA) with a copy of the Certificate of Completion (COC)
  • If you need additional help or have questions, please contact the Help Desk via email. Thank you for your interest in becoming a Nevada WebIZ user.

Disclaimer: The online version of this course is not approved for Continuing Education Units (CEU’s). This course is designed to give users basic knowledge and access to Nevada WebIZ, the statewide immunization information system (IIS). Users must have a meaningful use for accessing the system and must be associated with a medical provider, clinic, school, childcare facility, or other authorized organization.