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Protect Babies: Get Vaccinated for Whooping Cough During Pregnancy
Whooping Cough
Have you ever heard the sound of whooping cough? If so, you can probably still hear it in your memory: It’s an unforgettable sound. If not the sound of whooping cough, click here.
Why is it Important to Follow the Newborn-to-2-Year-Old Immunization Schedule?
Andy Pasternak
Questions and Answers with Andy Pasternak, MD, MS of Silver Sage Center for Family Medicine  National Infant Immunization Week is a great time to highlight the importance of on-schedule…
How Can We #BeLikeDebbie?
Debbie Smith
Dr. Benjamin Franklin was born 310 years ago but his civic involvement and his inventions have contributed to an improved quality of life for many throughout the centuries. Each year, his legacy…
Advice from a Doctor: Check Your Sources
Hand Typing on Laptop Keyboard
One of my friends recently posted an article about the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccine.  When I clicked on the link, it took me to a fairly official looking webpage from a “college of physicians…
Top 10 Ways to be Pro-Vaccine in the New Year
Team Vaccine
Want to support the pro-vaccine movement, but don't know where to start? Check out these 10 tips to get started. 
Protect our Children: Vaccinate.
The World is a Sick Place
As a healthy adult, when you get a flu vaccine, you’re protecting more than yourself. You’re helping to limit the spread of disease to the most fragile members of our communities. Infants and young…
Lesson Learned: College student discovers she’s not immune to the flu
Karissa Loper
A weekend was lost, but for Karissa Loper, it was nothing compared with the knowledge gained. Loper is now a program manager for the Nevada State Immunization Program. Then, she was just a college…
An Underestimated Threat: Nevada father and stepdaughter hospitalized from flu virus
Schoen Family Low Res
When Erik Schoen made it through 2013 without getting the flu, he thought he was in the clear. He had seen co-workers, several high school students he chaperoned on a trip and even his own…
Make it your Business to Fight the Flu
Sick Person Flickr Creative Commons
The flu can be a miserable experience – characterized by severe aches, chills, high fever, cough, runny nose and a desire to stay in bed until the illness has run its course. But did you know the…
The Ordeal She’ll Never Forget: Healthy Nevada resident’s brush with death began with the flu
JB Low Res
The words, “get your flu shot” were easy ones for Sheri Jensen to ignore. The word “breathe!” coming from a frantic emergency room doctor is impossible for her to forget. Until a bout of flu…
Germs Are Everywhere: 5 Easy Steps to Protect Yourself
Bugs Group
Did you know that the flu virus can live on a hard surface — such as a door knob, keyboard, TV remote, telephone, pen, gym equipment, chip bowl, arm rest, gas pump, ATM, elevator button, etc. — for…
How to keep mom healthy
Retro Coupon Moms Graphics Fairy
As a family medicine physician, I want to write this to give moms a concise guideline of what is recommended to keep you healthy for your families. The medical world can be difficult to navigate, so…