Each month Immunize Nevada organizes webinars, which focus on multiple immunization topics and trends. Dozens of providers from throughout the region and statewide sit-in on the webinars during lunchtime programs to earn continuing education credits at no cost.


Getting the Word Out: Older Adults Need the Shingles Vaccine

Thursday, July 24, 12:30 TO 1:30 (PST) 

Join Immunize Nevada for a one hour webinar on the incidence of shingles in the United States, why the risk of shingles is growing each year, signs & symptoms of shingles, complications, and current vaccine recommendations.

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Describe the effect of the aging population on the incidence of shingles
  • Review the disease process of shingles
  • Describe clinical manifestations and potential complications of shingles
  • Describe methods of prevention from shingles
  • Describe the ACIP shingles vaccine recommendations
  • Recognize benefits and limitations of shingles vaccination for older adults

Featured Presenter:  Laurene Mascola, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.A.P

Dr. Mascola is Chief of the Acute Communicable Disease Control Program for the Los Angeles County (LAC) Department of Public Health.  Her program focuses on disease surveillance, investigation and control for more than 80 diseases and syndromes covering a 4,000 square mile area with 10 million people.  Dr. Mascola has extensive experience in epidemiology and infectious disease prevention and control and has published more than 100 articles, abstracts and book chapters. She is a member of the Board of Scientific Counselors for the Office of Infectious Diseases at the CDC.  Internationally, she has worked for the World Health Organization in Ethiopia, in addition to providing consultations in Brazil, Nepal and Mongolia.

Dr. Mascola attended Saint Louis University Medical School in Missouri, earned her Masters of Public Health from UCLA, and completed her pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.  In addition, she has completed residency and fellowship programs in Preventive Medicine. 


**For questions or more info, email Rhonda or call her at 775-624-7118.


Closing the HPV Vaccination Gap: Reducing Missed Opportunities to Recommend & Administer the HPV Vaccine

Tuesday, August 26th, 12:30-1:30 p.m. (PST)

Description: Widespread HPV vaccination could dramatically reduce the number of HPV related cancers and conditions.  As part of a provider education series, Immunize Nevada is offering this webinar centered around how providers can reduce missed opportunities to recommend and administer the HPV vaccine. Missed clinical opportunities to recommend and administer the HPV vaccine are an important reason why the U.S. has not achieved high rates of HPV vaccine uptake. Many adolescents do not receive the HPV vaccine during routine office visits with their healthcare providers even when the adolescents received other recommended vaccines at these visits. Multiple factors can contribute to hesitation among providers to recommend the HPV vaccine. These factors are causing an HPV vaccination gap across the country. This webinar will address best practices for HPV vaccine recommendations and missed opportunities for vaccination and series completion, as well as discuss barriers that impede providers’ from achieving best practices.

Learning Objectives Include:

  1. Review current HPV vaccination rates and HPV vaccination recommendations
  2. Discuss how to effectively communicate with patients/parents about the importance of the HPV vaccine.
  3. Discuss how to minimize missed opportunities for HPV vaccination

Featured Presenter:  Rachel Caskey, MD MaPP

Rachel Caskey, MD, MAPP is an Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).  She is board certified in both pediatrics and internal medicine and is a primary care provider for all ages.  Dr. Caskey is a health services researcher with research interests which include: improving adolescent vaccination efforts by examining barriers to vaccine uptake; transition of care for children who age-out of the pediatric health care setting; and exploring ways to modify preventive health behaviors among young adults.  Dr. Caskey collaborates with UIC’s school of public health in the maternal child health division.  She is a member of the UIC Cancer Center where she collaborates on efforts to examine the use of the HPV vaccine to reduce the incidence of cervical cancer.  


**Additional Information or Questions: Please contact Ashley McHugh at Ashley@immunizenevada.org



2014 Webinar Schedule

July 8: Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination Practice Management
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May 21: HPV Immunization is a Job for Pediatric Providers
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April 29: Choose Your Own Vaccines: Responding to Requests for 'Alternative' Vaccine Schedules
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March 18: Pharmacists' Role in the "Immunization Neighborhood"
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February 25: Keeping Current with Pertussis: 2014 Update
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January 30: What Should You Know About Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
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2013 Webinar Schedule
December 2: Navigating Health Policy Changes
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December 1: Nevada Health Link Update
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November: Vaccine Saftey
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**Please note: Webinar recordings are available for a limited time only. However, webinar slides will be available throughout the 2014 webinar schedule. If you are wishing to obtain information from a past webinar that is not listed above, please contact Rhonda Baskins at rhonda@immunizenevada.org