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Apr 13

Nevada Infant Immunization Week – April 16-23

Nevadans will join with the rest of the country to celebrate Nevada Infant Immunization Week April 16-23, when we recognize the importance of protecting infants from vaccine-preventable diseases and to celebrate the achievements of immunization programs in promoting healthy communities throughout the United States.

National Infant Immunization Week
Mar 09

There are Thousands of Women Like Joey Feek

I didn’t know Joey Feek of the country duo Joey + Rory personally, but along with thousands or maybe even millions who learned of her recent death from cervical cancer, I was sad that such a young and vibrant wife and mother was taken from her family, friends and fans. As I read more about her, I realized how much we had in common. I’m the same age as her. She and I are both mothers. But there is one more thing that we likely had in common: HPV.

Sep 10

How to keep mom healthy

As a family medicine physician, I want to write this to give moms a concise guideline of what is recommended to keep you healthy for your families. The medical world can be difficult to navigate, so my goal is to give you a snapshot of what you need to do to make sure you are up to date! To be able to take care of your family, you’ve first got to take care of yourself!

Image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy
Aug 24

Make Your Child’s Shots Less Stressful

Vaccines help protect babies and young children against 14 serious diseases before their 2nd birthday. Even though you are keeping her safe from diseases, it’s hard to see your child cry when she gets her shots. But you can take some steps before, during, and after a vaccine visit to ease the short-term pain and stress of getting shots.